Generating Sales : A Guide to Attract New Clients


  • Don’t Ever Settle For Just One Lead Source.
  • Use Campaigns.
  • Share Valuable Content.
  • Scripted Prospecting Calls.
  • Use Voicemails To Follow Up On The Other Methods.
  • Email Sequences.
  • Linkedin Messages To Get Through.
  • Fedex Packages.
  • Introductions.
  • Become A Speaker.
  • Targeted Networking.
  • Publish Articles.
  • Host Private Events.
  • Sell Deeper.
  • Partner Up.
  • About MidAtlantic Business Media.

Do you want more leads flowing into your life? Back to the vast majority of us, most salespeople are always looking for more ways to generate leads. And we have often been taught that we need to bang out hundreds of
cold calls every day, but that isn’t true. It’s all about having a bunch of oars in the water. In this case study, we will show you 15 ways to generate leads and tons of them.


One of the biggest mistakes that salespeople make is that they only have one source of
lead. Whether it’s through making cold calls or through just one marketing source. And
when we only have one lead source, we become vulnerable. Because if that ever dries up, we’re screwed. So don’t ever settle for just one lead source. We recommend that you have a couple of lead sources. Maybe three to five reliable lead sources that are slowly and consistently bringing in leads. Because what that does is that it has a multiplicative effect where you’re now getting even if it’s just a couple of leads a month from each source, that’s a lot of leads when you multiply it by five different sources.


Now the old-school mindset about prospecting was that we bang out a lot of cold calls, and at the end of the day, good things are going to happen. But we suggest that instead of that old-school mindset of prospecting, we want to use prospecting campaigns where we have several steps that we take, every prospect through. So that way, as we’re going through trying to connect with a prospect, they’re slowly but surely starting to meet us. They’re slowly but surely beginning to understand who we are. So it’s reaching out to them in several different ways, which we’re going to talk about here. But thinking about how we can touch them in, let’s say 15 different ways over the course of a couple of additional months and then, by the end of three months, when they finally pick up that call or respond to that email, they know who we are.


This is one of the most effective ways to start to build a relationship with our prospects slowly. The old-school traditional mindset about selling was that the buyer had all the value? They were the ones with the money and the purse strings. And the salesperson was trying to get into that money, just trying to get into that person. And the modern mindset towards selling is we as salespeople have a lot of valuable insight—a lot of
valuable content. Our companies can create a lot of content that can be useful to the prospector to the buyer so that they don’t even have to pay for that content necessarily upfront. So share that valuable content. Maybe an eBook. Perhaps it’s white papers. Maybe it’s some case studies, but sharing that valuable content is slowly going to help you build that relationship with the prospect before they ever get on the phone. Because remember, most buyers are doing at least 50% of their buying process before they even talk to us. We’ve got to make sure that we’re slowly giving them insight that makes them think they need to speak to this person.


Some so many salespeople get uncomfortable with this idea of scripted calls because they think, “Well if I’m going to be scripted, I’m going to sound scripted.” And so as a result, when they get a prospect on the phone, they kind of meander, they go all over the place. And they’re very unlikely to be effective when they’re doing that. You want to script out your prospecting calls; you want to know exactly what you’re going to say when you get someone on the phone? Do you know already exactly what you’re going to be saying? If you do, great. But if not, script it out. Just take 10 minutes to write it out. At the very least, have some bullet points. But what we’re doing with every one of the clients is that you make sure that they have an exact script that they’re using when they’re talking to prospects. And then practice is what gets you to sound not scripted. You have to practice it a couple of times and make sure that it doesn’t sound scripted. Make sure you know exactly what you’re going to say by using that script.


Now there’s been a lot of back and forth over the years on the effectiveness of voicemails. Again, there’s the reason we talk about having many oars in the water, multiple oars; we never really know what’s going to work. But voicemails are a pretty effective way to get on the prospect’s radar. We’re not suggesting that we leave a voicemail every single time we make a call, but use voicemails as a way to show that you are a natural person. When you send an email or send over a package or send over something of value to them, follow up. And if they don’t pick up, maybe leave a voicemail. Ensure that you know exactly what you’re going to say, and then you scripted it out. You’re not just meandering and going over the place but use that voicemail to follow up on these other methods that you’re trying to get through to this person.


Particularly to the people that are selling to a large universe of prospects. Let’s say you have a lot of different people that could be your prospective client. Email sequences are incredibly effective. An email sequence is a pre-planned sequence of emails that will be essentially automated and go out to the prospect. And by the way, it is not using constant contact or some HTML email service. We talked about your email or your work email, so it seems like a direct email from me to you, but it is automated. And so there are a lot of systems that can do this. There are a lot of CRM systems that can already automate these sequences. But come up with a series of four or five emails sent throughout a couple of weeks. We follow up on one another that seems personal and may reference the specific company name and make it feel like an authentic email. If you got a big audience or an enormous universe of potential prospects, this could be tremendously effective because it’s automating out a lot of that challenging work. So the work that you have to do is make sure that your list is good, that the emails are correct,
that you have the proper names, and have their company names are correctly spelled. But other than that, you need to upload it into the system. You pump out emails. It is so incredibly effective.


Now people always want to talk about social media, and a lot of people in social media
are over-hyped in terms of its effectiveness with sales. LinkedIn is a fantastic tool for salespeople. If you’re not using LinkedIn messages to get through those tough-to-reach prospects, then you’re missing out because, typically, LinkedIn is connected to a person’s email. And so if you are sending LinkedIn messages that are intentional, that are thoughtful, that reference specific things to them, you’re so much likely to get through and get it to read. So use LinkedIn. It can be through the sponsored emails, or you can, if they’re in your network, directly connect with them and send them a message. But use LinkedIn in a way that’s personalized, intentional, brief, but as another way to communicate with them.


Now FedEx is used as an example, and it doesn’t give you money. But it could be UPS, or it could be something else. But something is compelling about sending a prospect— especially a high-level prospect, a package. And particularly something like a FedEx package. It just seems like something substantial. FedEx packages get opened. People open them because they’re not just going to throw them out. Even the CEO of a big company is likely to open a FedEx package. Maybe it has a book of value or something of value. Not just a sample but something valuable that they can use or get some ideas from. Now you’ve got them in front of you. And then you follow up with the calls. You follow up using the campaign. But using those packages can be effective.


The data that we recently put together have shown that top performers ask for way more introductions and referrals than average and bottom performers. And so we use the term ‘Introductions’ because ‘referrals’ are often confusing and unclear what it is. An introduction is apparent. In case you are asked to introduce yourself to someone just like yourself who might be able to help—asking for an introduction all the time. Ask with every single person that you’re in front of, get as many introductions as you possibly can. And there’s no downside to asking for introductions. And top performers are doing it at a much higher rate. So be that top performer and ask every single person you’re in front of for those introductions. Get them to connect you with other people.


You are an expert in what you sell, which means that you are an expert in solving problems that your prospect face. Become a presenter. Go to industry events or host private events where you are the speaker, and you’re not just giving a sales pitch, but you’re giving them valuable insight. In the end, you can set up meetings as a result of that speech. Becoming a speaker is a high-level concept, and many people reading this probably won’t do it. But if you have the guts, if you have the confidence, you will be so much more successful. Because what you’re doing is you’re getting in front of all those people, all at one time. Become a speaker if you are thriving for success.


A lot of salespeople will use networking as a way to get in front of prospects. But what a
lot of people miss is being targeted about it. Being highly intentional about where your networking and what your goal is when you’re networking. So there are two forms of networking. There’s networking with your prospects so you can join trade associations or some group where your prospects are there. And that’s a perfect opportunity. You have targeted hyper-focused networking. The other factor is getting involved in your industry groups, where you might connect with people. That’s good but not as good as the initially targeted networking where you’re networking with your prospects. And that’s a place where you can get involved, where you can be specific and intentional about who you’re looking to connect with.


Publishing articles is again one of the most critical factors. Even if you don’t have time to
write it, hire a writer who will write it for you. But you give them the ideas and provide them with the content. And now that you’ve got these articles, now you’re an author. Now you can share the articles with prospects. And what’s remarkable about an article is that it doesn’t feel like a sales pitch. It is not like a brochure. An article has information and has insight. It is something that your prospects are looking to read because they are looking for solutions to their problems. If you publish articles and then share them, send them out to people, you are just going to get on people’s radar much more effectively.


We mentioned becoming a speaker, so maybe you are a speaker. Maybe you got another person to speak. But you are hosting a private event where you invite your prospects. Maybe you even ask some of your top clients to come if it’s an exclusive private event at a venue that seems essential. Perhaps it is a Ritz, or at a university club, or someplace that feels exclusive. Not just to your company headquarters but invites people to come together, and you give them content. You give them real value. Hosting these private events, people want to go to exclusive events. You’ll be amazed by how many people are willing to come to something if it feels exclusive.


Now we’ve spent all this time talking about how to get new business. But what about the company that you already have that could be much more business. Are you spending time going deeper into your client’s world? Understanding how you can be better helping them and at the same time making those sales into much bigger sales selling more deeply. A lot of times, salespeople close a deal and then immediately go on, “Okay, I’ve gotta close there next.” But how can you sell more deeply to your existing clients? They’re already there. They already like you and know you. How can you sell more deeply to those people?


Identify other organizations that maybe sell to the same types of competitive prospects, but they sell to the same people and partner up with them. Identify people that could recommend you, and you can guide them, and you work together to grow each other’s business. They’ve already got some clients, you’ve already got some clients, so partner up. Make it a situation where they’re benefiting from your relationship, and you’re benefiting from theirs. Partnerships are effective when done correctly. Think about some companies that you could partner up with that have a client list similar to yours where you could have some synergy in working together and cross-pollinating each other’s lists. Hence partner up.

So there are 15 ways to generate sales leads. And tons of them.

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